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At Leisurescape Pools, we focus on how well each pool is built, not on how many pools we build.  As a smaller company, the construction process is much more personalized with every step being overseen by a company principal to ensure it meets our high standards.  As an APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) Certified Building Professional, you can be certain that your project will be constructed to the highest standards.
Its about Quality
It's not about Volume

Construction Process

Once construction/engineering plans have been approved and permits secured, we can begin the construction process.  For the next several weeks, your backyard will be bustling with activity as our crews begin to masterfully construct your Leisurescape.


LayoutThe first step in the construction process is the layout.  Using CAD drawings, the pools perimeter is outlined using paint.  Then, the elevation is established and wooden form boards are set into place.



Process_Excavation54e593938b5df.jpgLarge earth moving equipment begins to carve the pool depths into the soil while crews hand shape the pool contours to exact specifications.  The excavated soil can be used onsite or hauled off.


Steel Reinforcement

Process_Steel54e5939c029db.jpgNext, a steel-reinforcing grid is installed and ‘laced’ together at specified intervals based on the soil and site conditions.  Bricks are used to elevate the steel grid from the sub-base and provide for proper concrete coverage above and below the rebar.  This makes for the strongest possible structure.



Process_Plumbing54e5939a61d4c.jpgThe circulation system is plumbed with high-grade NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved “Schedule 40″ PVC pipes and fittings.  These make up the arterial lines to your skimmers, main drains, return inlets, spa jets, waterfalls, and to any other special items that you’ve chosen.  All pipe connections are permanently solvent welded with PVC cement, then pressure tested to insure that there are no leaks.



Process_Gunite54e593950127f.jpgNow comes the unique process of ‘shooting the Gunite’ to form the hard concrete shell of your pool.  Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement that is pneumatically applied by an experienced team of craftsmen using specialized equipment.  The materials are mixed on-site and pumped pneumatically by hose where it is ‘gunned’ in place by our ACI (American Concrete Institute) certified nozzlemen around your pool’s steel reinforcing grid.  This combination of Gunite/Concrete and steel reinforcement produces an extremely strong and durable pool shell that is capable of withstanding the rigors of North Texas soil.

Utility Connections – Electric & Gas

Process_Utilities54e5939ec7252.jpgA master electrician will provide power service from the main panel to the equipment location and tie in all associated equipment and components.  A master plumber will provide connections to all gas fired appliances and fire elements. (propane connections must be done by a propane provider).


Tile, Coping and Masonry

Process_Tile54e5939d6f428.jpgThe next step in the construction process is the installation of waterline tile at the perimeter.  There are a multitude of choices, be it glass, porcelain or clinker ceramic.  This tile is hand-laid and carefully grouted by our skilled craftsmen.  Coping is then laid on the pool beam to provide a finishing surface.  Just like the tile, there is a plethora of coping choices, such as stone, brick, pre-cast concrete, travertine or other decorative materials.  If your Leisurescape includes natural stone features they are also crafted during this phase.



Process_Decking54e593911362d.jpgIf a concrete surface is chosen, the decking is set on a compacted stable substrate with reinforcing steel and poured to a thickness of 4″.  An expansion joint is installed between the coping and deck to allow for independent movement and sealed with mastic to prevent substrate erosion.  Regardless of the chosen deck surface, you can be assured that every precaution is taken to minimize deck movement and cracking, including a proper drainage system.


Outdoor Living

Process_Outdoor-Living54e593992d575.jpgAt this point in the process is when the outdoor living amenities are constructed.  Things such as Cabanas, Patio Covers, Pergolas, Fire Pits, Fireplaces and Summer Kitchens.


Interior Finish

Process_Interior-Finish54e593964d134.jpgYour pool project is almost complete.  The final step in the construction process is the application of the interior finish.  Whether you selected a Plaster, Quartz, or Pebble it will be completed with the same precision that you’ve come to expect using only certified applicators.